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Mary's Favorite Cat

A fancy life with Mary and her cats

-FANCY PETS- are adorable animal companions that love matching
their outfits with accordingly to their owner's fashion taste.
This series introduces pet owner Mary and her cute cats,
all of which perfectly coordinated to Mary's girly fashion style.

Mary (18yrs old, French)

A cute and crazy girl who is fascinated by everything in the world. She makes her own clothes and accessories. Loves fantasies and "girly" style fashion.

6Kinds + Secret

Please click on the favorite cat!

  • Mimi

    ♥Exotic Short Hair♥

    Spoiled and gets sulky if you don’t pay attention. Love his sister Lili and cute things.

    Fashion Point

    Beret / Lace Collar

  • Lili

    ♥Exotic Short Hair♥

    Bright with friendly personality and many friends. Always accompanied by her brother Mimi.

    Fashion Point

    Floral Garland

  • Teo


    Gentle,smart and obedient. Sometimes spends too much time fussing over Noa.

    Fashion Point

    Top Hat / Cravat

  • Noa


    Has mature and calm personality. Sometimes becomes very sensitive. Only feels comfortable around Teo.

    Fashion Point

    Headband / Ribbons

  • Chipie


    Does not like too much attention. Likes to do things at his own pace. Often hangs around with Zora.

    Fashion Point

    Boater / Lace Collar

  • Zora


    Lively, caring personality but also very picky.
    Gets along with Chippie.

    Fashion Point

    Barrette / Cardigan


6 Kinds + Secret

Each Blind Box is randomly packaged so you won't know which kind you'll get until you open the box!


Blind Box Assort Box
  (Blind Box × 12)

(Note: Each figure is packaged randomly, so you won't know figure you will get!)


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Figure Size Approx. W36~73 × H31~57 /mm
Material ATBC-PVC, etc
Package Size Approx.W60 × H80 × D52 /mm (Blind Box)
Variation 6 Variations + 1 Secret

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