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Ryan's Favorite Dog

Introducing -FANCY PETS-
a series of cute pet animals coordinated
to their owner's fashion taste.

Ryan's Favorite Dog

A fancy life with Ryan and dogs

This series introduce pet owner Ryan and his stylish dogs,
all perfectly coordinated to his street fashion style.

Ryan (25 yrs old / From USA)

Based in California. Likes hanging out at the skate park with his dogs and chilling out with some good hip-hop music. Loves street fashion.

6Kinds + Secret

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  • Lucas is always lively and gallant.
    He wears a chain necklace and embroidered jacket.Is best friends with Ellie♪


    Although lively and gallant, prefers being alone rather than being in a group. Does things in his own pace.

    Fashion Point

    Knit Beanie / Chain Necklace
    Embroidered Jacket

  • Ellie is bright, cheerful and curious by nature.
    Her little hair accessories are so cute!She loves to dance and is very good at it.

    【Toy Poodle】

    Bright, cheerful and curious by nature. Is athletic and great at dancing.
    Good friends with Lucas.

    Fashion Point

    Bucket Hat / Hood
    Colorful Hairbands

  • Mia is very people-friendly and active.
    She's a little concerned of people thinking that she's too spoilt...Loves riding around on her mini cruiser♪

    【Shih Tzu】

    Loves being active and is very people-friendly. Can be quite stubborn at times.
    Likes to chat with Milo.

    Fashion Point

    Bandana / Sunglasses
    Mini Cruiser

  • Milo is a lovable pug who loves music♪
    He is never without his headphones.Looks up to Mia - they are great chat buddies!


    A charming pug with great love for music. His expression lights up when he hears a tune.

    Fashion Point

    Backwards Cap

  • Duke is loved by everyone around him.
    He is always on point with his sunglasses and hat.Loves hanging out with smart Sasha♪

    【Labrador Retriever】

    Very social and liked by those around him. Because of his silly and careless side, he likes being with Sasha who is very proper and dependable.

    Fashion Point

    Fedora Hat / Bowtie

  • Sasha is very obedient and refined.
    She likes mixing street and lady-like items like her cap and pearl necklace.Very dependable and keeps everyone in line!

    【Dux Hound】

    Obedient and very lady-like. Is smart in nature and can pick up things fast. Likes being with Duke.

    Fashion Point

    Sideways Cap
    Big Pearl Necklace


6 Kinds + Secret

Each Blind Box is randomly packaged so you won't know which kind you'll get until you open the box!


Blind Box Assort Box
  (Blind Box × 12)

(Note: Each figure is packaged randomly, so you won't know figure you will get!)


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Figure Size Approx. W20~45 × H31~63 /mm
Material ATBC-PVC, etc
Package Size Approx.W60 × H80 × D52 /mm (Blind Box)
Variation 6 Variations + 1 Secret

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